Our History

Meadow Road Allotments & Leisure Gardens (MRLGA)  is one of the original Allotment Leisure Gardens set up by Professor Thorpe of Birmingham University as a result of the decline in use of the allotments post World War II

Thorpe had drawn some of his inspiration for his ‘Leisure Garden’ ethos from Europe. ‘Weekend Gardens’ were to be the blueprint for the future of allotments in England and Wales. The new style allotments would be a leisurely garden space away from home and would have vegetables on half its length and the other half would have lawns, flowers and shrub beds. At the centre of the plot a Pavilion summerhouse would stand with a paved patio area for umbrellas and outdoor meals. Ornamental shrubs would abound in gardens on the site and the main site building would have its own lecture hall, office and toilet facilities. The “Weekend Garden” was set to revolutionise the allotment world.

Professor Thorpe’s aim was that allotments were to be places that were nice to be at during weekends, not just a place to grow fruit and vegetables. MRLGA as it stands today was opened in 1977 amalgamating some existing allotment plots owned by Birmingham City Council with land rented on a long term lease from the Calthorpe Estate

It is also one of the few Jubilee Gardens that were set up in the country

This beautiful 9.51 acre site boasts:

  • 85 asymmetrical plots, both full and half size
  • paved roads that run throughout
  • large tracts of grass lawn studded with ornamental trees and flower beds
  • a pavilion
  • sheds
  • water tap outlets