The facilities available at Meadow Road Allotments include:

  • Pavilion – it has a large seating area, simple cooking facilities, male and female toilets
  • Shop – part of the Pavilion, opens on Saturday mornings 10-12 am selling products at heavily discounted rates: netting, compost, fertilisers, seeds (lists available through NSALG in late summer for ordering in October), potatoes and onions (order Autumn for Spring)
  • Committee – meets every 2 months to discuss matters about the smooth running and maintenance of the allotments (see the Committee page for more details)
  • Water outlets (8 throughout the allotments)
  • Greenhouses (some plots come with these)
  • Tarmaced access roads throughout
  • One shed per plot (a nominal rent is collected annually on 1st October)
  • Security – the allotments are enclosed with two locked entrance gates
  • Newsletter every 3 months for plot holders
  • Website, Facebook page and Facebook group
  • Discount for the allotment at Webbs in Bearwood